Services & Classes

At Awaken Your Truth, we are committed to supporting you on your path to self discovery.
Open the door to possibility and see the delights that the universe has to offer you!


Psychic Readings and Channeling

Psychic readings and channeling are skills that have developed organically for me over the past 15 years. I am able to provide channeling sessions for individuals or groups. I also use these skills in my classes and Reiki sessions to integrate Earth and Etheric guidance as it is presented.


Energetic Alignment and Reiki Sessions

Whether you are looking for a relaxing Reiki session, or an energetic cleanse, the work that I do is gentle, respectful, and always in honor of your own divine timing.There are several energetic tools that I work with and each session is unique just as you are unique. Some sessions focus on connecting to the energies of the Earth while others tap into the Etheric connections of the Universe.

Little Feet and Happy Mama Sessions

Congratulations! Having a baby on the way is such an exciting time, and there are lots of ways to get ready for your new little bundle. I have a passion for working with moms-to-be just like you! In these sessions you will receive a cozy Reiki session where you and your baby will nestle in and connect on an even deeper level. Utilizing my channeling abilities, I can also provide you with a baby reading and share methods for you to develop your own intuition and communication tools with your little one that can continue to be used once your baby arrives. Email for more details!


Learning is motion.

If you are like me, learning is a lifelong passion. What I have learned over the past 15 years with energetic tools, developing my own intuition, and Reiki, has impacted my life in countless positive ways. I am  ready to share what I have learned and am now offering classes on these topics: 

› Energetic Tools I – Beginners
› Energetic Tools II – Intermediate
› Intuition Development Level I

› Intuition Development Level II
› Reiki Level I
› Reiki Level II
› Reiki Apprenticeship and Mastery

As a guide supporting you on your path, it is my commitment to help you learn and grow in a way that works best and most effectively for you.  I may also be able to connect you with others in my network if there are other types of classes or topics involving intuition that you are interested in.

For more information on classes and pricing, please contact me here.