We all find our start when we are ready to begin.

Perhaps you have gone through life being classified by others as "overly sensitive."  Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed at times because you feel like you are on a constant energetic overload.  That was true for me.  Over time though, I realized that having a sensitive nature helped me to enhance my intuitive abilities, and I think that is true for everyone. 

Awaken Your Truth offers several services and classes for people interested in developing their intuition or enhancing their path to self-discovery.  Please explore the Services and Classes offered here. I would welcome the opportunity to connect with you if you have any questions!


My name is Bridget, and I am glad you are here. Are you on a quest to understand more about yourself, or the Universe? Perhaps you have questions about your life's purpose or would like to communicate with a loved one who as passed on? Or maybe you have been encountering phenomenon you can't explain throughout your life and you are finally ready to understand just how deep your own intuition goes?

I can help!

At Awaken Your Truth, we are committed to supporting you on your path to self discovery.
Open the door to possibility and see the delights that the universe has to offer you!


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